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Could your team use a BOOST?

BOOST by Breakthrough Consulting is a professional development program based on the enneagram that's designed to help your team:


Grow interpersonal awareness

Build deeper levels of trust


Improve communication & teamwork


Harness diverse strengths


Understand team style & dynamics


BOOST accelerates human connection, which is the heart of teamwork.

BOOST begins with a large dose of self-awareness before taking a deep dive into the behaviors that drive success and create a positive, productive team culture.

BOOST showcases the strengths of each team member, generates deeper levels of understanding and buy-in, and removes communication barriers. BOOST also explores potential pitfalls that may undermine your team's effectiveness and create unnecessary drama or setbacks. 

If your team has challenges, BOOST offers down-to-earth solutions to get you beyond what's keeping you stuck, going in circles, or functioning ineffectively. BOOST normalizes growth and transformation -- and makes it possible.

Bonus: BOOST's impact is ongoing. You'll have a team-specific framework and practical tools you'll use for years to come.

BOOST is a hands-on, interactive experience!

BOOST is the farthest thing from a boring training!

BOOST provides personalized tools for each participant!

BOOST is available as a half-day starter, a full-day intensive or as a two-day immersive experience ideal for off-sites or retreats. 

All Boost participants receive a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand iEQ9 Professional Report.

Sample iEQ9
Pro Report

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The iEQ9 Team Report is the cornerstone of Boost discussions and is provided to the team leader to serve as a resource for maximizing their team dynamics.

Sample iEQ9
Team Report

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Besides higher pay, better benefits & more flexibility, many employees and job-seekers say they want:

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Opportunities to grow

BOOST check mark, green transparent.png

To feel inspired

BOOST check mark, green transparent.png

To feel valued

BOOST check mark, green transparent.png

Better relationship with management

BOOST check mark, green transparent.png

Lower stress

BOOST check mark, green transparent.png

Healthy workplace culture

BOOST check mark, green transparent.png

Better work-life balance

With BOOST, these become real possibilities.

Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

The more conscious we are, the faster we adapt and the higher performing we become. Conscious is the new smart.

Bob Rosen

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.

Teddy Roosevelt

You don't build a business.

You build people. Then people build the business.

Zig Ziglar

BOOST is designed specifically for teams (generally with 4-12 teammates). You may be wondering, "Are we a team or a group?" Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Teams share a common purpose and work both independently and collaboratively to achieve their shared goals. Teammates are mutually committed to their goals and to each other, are accountable to each other, and have a sense of ongoing, collective responsibility.

Groups, on the other hand, are a collection of individuals who have shared interests, yet work independently on separate priorities.

If you're looking to provide training for a group or a group of teams, 
you'll want to explore our signature program, Momentum.

Connect with Debi to learn more.

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Debi Powell

Founder & CEO 

Breakthrough Consulting

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Looking to invest in your whole organization?

Check out Momentum!

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