Ennea + Coaching Combo (Professional)

  • This Ennea + Coaching Combo provides the iEQ9 Enneagram Professional Report and three 45-minutes sessions to dive in to your iEQ9 results and continue your transformational journey. 


    The 42-page Professional Report builds on the foundational content of the Standard Report. It adds value to professionals by covering specific competency areas that influence effectiveness and development.


    The Professional Report includes:

    • Core Enneagram Type
    • Motivation, Behavior, Psychodynamics
    • Blindspots, Strengths and Challenges
    • Center of Expression
    • 27 Subtypes
    • Wing Influence
    • Self Awareness and Integration
    • Strain Levels x 6
    • Lines of Tension and Release
    • Communication
    • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • Feedback Guide for all Types
    • Conflict and Triggers
    • Decision Making
    • Leadership and Management
    • Team Behavior
    • Coaching Relationship


    **If desired, ongoing coaching packages are available and can be discussed during your last scheduled session.

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