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The Building Blocks of Breakthrough is the Signature Program offered

by Breakthrough Consulting. It's an engaging, innovative and

comprehensive professional development series designed

to get you & your teams functioning at your best.

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Self-awareness is essential to all personal and professional growth,

and it's definitely a journey not a destination. This module is a deep dive into all things "you", so you can show up authentically, offer your strengths, own your blind spots, and continue transforming into your best self.

Teamwork is non-negotiable because your company's success depends on it. This module builds upon self-discovery to explore where your culture excels & where it may be at risk, so you can avoid unnecessary conflict, overcome setbacks, and keep moving forward together.

No doubt you want to make a

positive impact in the lives of your customers or clients. This module helps you understand them better, solve problems creatively, and communicate more effectively, so you create brand loyalty and they sing your praises everywhere they go.

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The Building Blocks of Breakthrough is as much a shared experience as it is a professional development workshop. It's powerful to combine in-depth personal development with cutting-edge team development!

Discoveries are made, ideas are shared, strategies are learned, 

relationships are (re)ignited, and solutions are found.


Trust is built, teamwork is cultivated, and culture is forged.

BONUS: It's fun!

And the results empower your team with the building blocks to be their best selves, move forward together and "wow" your customers!

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The Professional iEQ9 Report by Integrative Enneagram Solutions is a validated, world-class product that serves as the foundational framework for the Building Blocks of Breakthrough series. Although you may not have heard of the enneagram, its wisdom has been around for centuries. The iEQ9 is a robust, multifaceted leadership development tool that is both profoundly insightful for self-discovery and remarkably practical for building & mobilizing teams.

Of the 9 unique ways people relate and show up in the world, which type are you?

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Debi Powell specializes is customized breakthroughs and is the founder of Breakthrough Consulting. She's captured a lifetime of captivating stories and compelling take-aways from her broad professional experiences and personal adventures. Debi's known as a team player, dynamic facilitator, obstacle overcomer, courage builder, sports lover & world traveler. She earned a Master's in Education from the University of Kentucky in 2002. Debi roots for the underdog, unless, of course, you're playing basketball against her.

Want to know more? Let's connect!

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Debi CONTACT INFO bold.png

+1 (859) 489-0999

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The Building Blocks of Breakthrough signature program is currently designed for a corporate setting, but... GOOD NEWS for your athletic department or sports team! The Building Blocks of Breakthrough will be available for you in 2022! If you're looking to bring out the best in your staff or team(s), build or support a vibrant & effective team culture, and would be interested in helping pilot this program, get in touch with Debi today to find out about special discounted pricing! 

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